Tanner Chapman - OC Fight Night

Tanner Chapman

Finally got the chance to photograph a martial arts event. It really was everything I wanted it to be. Surrounded by people that inspire me to keep training. Tanner Chapman a mixed martial arts fighter on his way to his next Muay Thai sporting event in Southern California. I’ve personally gotten the chance to train with him and he is definitely fast. I don’t have nearly the same amount of experience as he does and I found him very unpredictable. It was a real treat to go and see one of the live events let alone be backstage to support and photograph behind the scenes. 

Working drills with Mario Navarro right the match.

While watching Tanner you could tell that the nerves were affecting me a lot more than it was affecting him. Considering it wasn't his first rodeo. I felt nervous and I wasn't even the one fighting.  If anything he wanted the fight to come sooner. We were waiting for quite some time, at least 13 matches before ours started.  Plenty of time for some photos! 

Working drills with Mario Navarro right the match. Working on the high knees that were used in the fight!

Finally Tanner's fight came up and we started walking to the backstage area. You can hear his family and the crowd cheering as we approach security to receive pre-ring entrance warnings. Everyone is focused and Tanner had a great mindset going into the fight, you could tell he was confident. He never moved backwards in the fight. Stayed in a charging from however still cautious. 

Round 1 first moves thrown in the fight.

The knee that did some damage. 

Round One complete and back to the corner with Brady Fink and Mario Navarro to keep Tanner Focused and in the fight. 

Final knee to the body to end the fight in round 2. 

He utilized his knees in the fight plenty in the fight and stayed confident with the help of his trainers Mario Navarro and Brady Fink. In the end of the night it helped him plenty. The fight lasted 1.5 rounds. He won his match. Then it was on to the celebrating and on to training for the next bout that should be coming up soon. 

Its A Celebration! 

Tanner's Mom was there to support with many reasons to be Proud! 

As I said I've never been to a live Muay Thai event of an MMA event. Maybe this is the start, I don't know. What I do know is that it was a lot of fun and I hope it's not the last. I'll keep everyone posted on the next event I attend and I'll write about that one too. Much more on the way as always.

Congrats to Tanner Chapman on winning his fight that night and good luck on the fights in the future. Congrats to Brady Fink, Mario Navarro, and the misfits for training a great fighter with a lot of potential. Thanks for getting me in there to see it from that perspective. Cheers!