Chasing Portraits

Porcelain |||   Lindsay Hundley

I moved to Southern California in December 2014 with a goal to start taking more portraits. I invested so much time into art outside of my day to day career. I wanted to be able to tell a story through photos of people. Created a scene with my surroundings and capture it. 

Only thing is I had no experience whatsoever taking photos of models, how to pose, what to say and staying away from awkward silence. I'm pretty good at that which is just embarrassing. I've gotten out of the habit I'd like to believe.  

Outside of Landscape and Street Photos I've always been drawn towards portraits. Working with male and female models. Seeing magazine printed with these amazing photos I want to make my own style. 

Cafe Luna |||  Lindsay Hundley 

During my search for Models in the nearby area I ran across Lindsay Hundley's amazing work. I knew for sure I wanted to go to Downtown LA and work with her. I wanted to use the inspiration that the city feeds me and come up with some concepts. 

The original plan was to shoot photos at the Walt Disney Concert only for us both to arrive and find out the entire concert hall garden is blocked off. 

Me on the outside: Meh its alright.

Me on the inside: I'm freaking out and with no backup plan. OMG HELP WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!?!

Suddenly I realized I started and learn all my techniques practicing street photography. Taking candid photos so why not use the city as our constantly moving backdrop. She was absolutely up for it and incredibly easy to work with. 

Mystic |||  Lindsay Hundley 


We went for a walk and used whatever we could find in the surrounded and had a downtown lifestyle scene and I honestly don't believe we could have been more lucky with how the shoot went. We even got access to a garden on a rooftop for thirty minutes which is more than enough time. 

Phew! Boy was I nervous for a couple seconds once I saw my original plans were out. To be a photographer it's always good to be quick on your feet. There is a lesson with everything right. 

A Day in Paris ||| Lindsay Hundley

Many thanks to Lindsay Hundley on working with me on this shoot. She's very professional and easy to work with. Everyone I work with brings closer to technically and artistically learning this craft so thank you. 

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