J Johnson 

Photographer and Cinematographer

Most of my work is taken has been taken in Orange County and Los Angeles. I have now moved to Denver, CO.  My interest in passion for photography and film making began in High school. I got my first camera which was an Olympus OM-10 Film Camera. I knew it wasn't the best camera in the world but it was mine and I've seen so many examples of art many created using film cameras just like it. 

I wanted to use that as a positive way of expressing myself and create something a body of work that is my own. A kind of language that everyone can understand by looking at pictures that I take or concepts that I come up with. Now I'm a little older, my little interest in high school turned into a passion to as an adult. 

Bornvivid was created as a home for my photography and film art. I have a large interested in technology development and design so that will be a large portion of the journal. Anything that I use to push my art forward will be shared here if I feel it may inspire other like-minded artist. Enjoy, Explore, and Stay Creative.